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EU army

I've said a number of times here that I believe that the vast majority of the migrants that have entered europe in the 'migrant crisis' were military aged men and that i believe the globalists wish to recruit those men into an army which they can use against the european people

As time goes on there is more and more talk of a european army and it seems the people spearpointing this move are the very same globalist puppets who also promoted the migrant crisis: merkl and macron

So first of all they want many men of military age from outside of europe and then they want to build an EU army. meanwhile we have seen maron deploy armoured vehicles with EU flags on them against the french people who are protesting in the yellow vest movement

These two cabal puppets cite the rise of 'nationalism' as one of the reasons why the EU needs an army but seeing as 'nationalism' is a homegrown thing it would indeed appear that they wish to deploy the EU army against european people themselves and not against external threats:

France And Germany Take Major Step Toward EU Army To Protect "Europe Threatened By Nationalism"
by Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/23/2019 - 01:00

French President Emmanuel Macron's push for what he previously called "a real European army" got a big boost on Tuesday amid France and Germany signing an updated historic treaty reaffirming their close ties and commitment to support each other during a ceremony in the city of Aachen, a border town connected to Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire. But the timing for the renewal of the two countries' 1963 post-war reconciliation accord is what's most interesting, given both the rise of eurosceptic nationalism, the uncertainty of Brexit, and just as massive 'Yellow Vests' protests rage across France for a tenth week.

Macron addressed this trend specifically at the signing ceremony with the words, "At a time when Europe is threatened by nationalism, which is growing from within... Germany and France must assume their responsibility and show the way forward."
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