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I didn't interpret the end of Matts last newsletter as a farewell, personally.

As far as I recall, he only said it was going to be his last newsletter till 'Only Love Can Bring The Rain' was released.

And that he was moving on determined, I don't believe he said he had given it away.

Aratron, I only use this forum for Matthew related topics anymore, and
really it wouldn't suffice if he discontinued his work.
Please understand I dont mean to beat on you, the forum, or Mr Icke.
I was also very fond of icke and enjoyed this forum alot aswel

I do get the impression though Matt would have hung his boots up long ago if we could get what we need from Icke, other researchers or even this forum.

I don't think anybody else is willing to do Matts job, but thats just my own (frequently wrong) opinion.

Do you? Does David??

Im a chicken without a head still, I know I couldn't and most probably would give in, real quick! Not everyone is so encouraging, are they?

I will wait to hear from Matthew first about the Oneball site being down,
I'm not worried he has given it in. He may be busy, on travels, or even overwhelmed?

We always go through this when this happens, including the Matt/DI forum peers friction.

Matthew as always will come back strong, don't worry.
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