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Originally Posted by tawnyraja View Post
wonderful thread tracker, I had an extremely bad chilldhood,but feel i have turned it around for the positive. Although still a few ups and downs. Your post has really given me a lift, and reminded me its okay .Im okay. ive had a little cry .....but good tears .....thankyou ,,,just what i needed to hear.
It is brief , probably too brief but I have more threads like this .
You can tell that I write them from experiences of my own and wow did it take a long time to figure out for my self .

read them and come back to me on them if you may .

the 1stone is real long winded and one needs to push through it before all the cots connect up brilliantly .

the other three are fearly straight forward .

please read them , i would love any intell or insights you might have regarding them .

WHY is it always me/you ? because you are the ONE!

Our own philosophies that can hold us down

philosophies that can make us FAIL !

Own philosphies hold us back 3 .

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