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Originally Posted by armoured_amazon View Post
Nothing ever changes. You can try your best to get away, carve a future, but in the end, the same old shit pulls you back and pushes you down again.
That depends Armoured Amazon .

It depends on whether you dance when they play the tune .

I found out through experience that when reality places a brick wall in front of your goals , it is not stopping you doing anything , it is merely showing you that you must do something else to accomplish what you want .

Maybe , these walls are put there to make you see that you must be prepared to sacrifice many things to get to your desired destination of which many of those things you carry are unnecessary for your new life or experience , rather like carrying baggage that you do not need .

If the same old crap comes to you , this means that you have not changed how you go about things .

I like you AA and never wish to make you feel bad but if I do not say things as they come then it could appear false , so forgive any comments that seem offish .

You have to change your self .
Your self is what interacts with reality thus it can only be who YOU spend time with / or , HOW YOU interact , no matter how you look at it , the main character doing everything in your life is YOU .

It could be --------HOW---------------you deal with things .

What I do know for sure is that your reply is very pessimistic and insistent , with no faith for your self or a situation .
This will not help you one tiny bit .
With a for frontal view like that , you will only ever see the brick wall .

AA , I respect you very much and from all the posts I have seen from you , your Armoured Amazonian personality of the freedom fighter always stands out .

This little post of yours shows a small part of you that can seriously damage your journey in life .

read these , they come from experience of my own .

WHY is it always me/you ? because you are the ONE!

Our own philosophies that can hold us down

philosophies that can make us FAIL !

Own philosphies hold us back 3 .


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