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David Icke is right again!

When will people start to listen???!!!

It's difficult to know what thread to put this in as it could go in a 5G thread or an AI thread or a rise of the machines thread or my archontic hydra thread because ultimately they are all the same thing and we are beginning to see it all merge together now in the internet of things SMART grid:; it will start as wearables as David says and then move into implantables:

Wearables could be used to help spot childhood depression
By Matthew Field
19 January 2019 • 4:00pm

Smart connected belts could be used to help diagnose mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression in children under six, a study has suggested.

Children could be fitted with a wearable sensor, which would take the form of a belt, to track them and monitor for unusual movements that give away signs of depression at an earlier age than was previously possible.
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