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I think I first found Mr. Icke back in 2008 or so. He was giving a presentation and spoke a lot about rothschild zionism. Obviously he progressed from that but it was a eye opener for me and so further down the rabbit hole I went.

He may not be 100% correct on everything but a lot of this dimension is perspective, awareness, consciousness. The more a person travels the earth the more they learn that truth IS stranger than fiction. So when Icke talks about reptiles with a black man in some remote tribe in a location in the jungle somewhere (credo mutwa), I have to wonder if there just might really be some truth to the reptilian thing, especially when people are finding giant ancient stone structures somehow cut into the shape of a reptile.

From there if people keep searching I believe it leads them to astrology, mythology, numerology, gematria, astronomy, and a bunch of other ologies, archaeology, etc. It all helps put the pieces together, the more you know, and David seems to understand a good portion of how that fits together.

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