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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post

He may be good for people without any of there own knowledge. But for me, there is no one worth listening too, to the level you guys listen to someone.

You people are entitled to look upto whom ever you want.

Without your own personal knowledge, you are placing your absolute trust in someone to tell you the truth. They can manipulate you anyway they want.

So, not for me, there is not one i listen to blindly, like alot of people seem to do.

But people are entitled to listen to whom they want of there own freewill.
rather than seeing people as looking up to David, I see that people are drawn to someone who expresses their own feelings, thoughts and sense that something other than what we are seeing / being told is going on, David dots the i's and crosses the t's for many people.

People believed in conspiracy long before David went onto Wogan, people were looking at the stars and ancient myths and people knew that something untoward was going on in those highest seats of power.

David just provides answers and joins up the dots to paint a larger picture.

Most of the forum members don't see him as a guru or someone to follow, he is simply someone whose thoughts they can empathise with.
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