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It can actually be more harmful to believe in something that doesn't exist than to not believe in something that does exist..

I speak from personaly exp.. Nearly got sucked into the builders (illumie. div.) but managed to break the mind control ( a result of humans, stress situations and occult practices) there may have been tech involved but I'm not convinced...

Anyway, broke free of the programming but some time ago found myself on the point of going back into trance, feeling hot, losing control of thoughts, panic etc... heard a funny noise and felt convinced I was being targetted by microwaves... I actually felt the documented 'effects'. It took a lot of strength to investigate the source of the noise and take it on... Actually it turned out to be a heating system which kept on turning on and off with a high pitch whine...

If you live in fear of being microwaved sooner or later you will manifest the symptoms whether you are being targetted or not.. Especially if you have already been a victim of Mind Control... easy with it...

Anyway, I reckon our mind can beat anything as long as we don't start getting 'afraid' then we're done for... fear IS the mind killer..
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