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Default they have us by the balls and brain

yep they are bastards

but if you say anything you are classed as a crazy and locked up......

I know been in a mently ward twice ...your paranoid its in your mind.

Wake up people see the big picture here
if they can read our brain intentions how long before they what to send out a signal to correct our bad intentions.
Remember our brain is a electrical devices after we map out what in outputs want we just try to input similar signals into it.
Get this you are pot less needing some money brain scanner picks this up that you are thinking of mugging or robbing next moment a signal is sent out telling you its a bad idea you don t bother and you carry on with your day... wouldn't this sort of system be sold to our leaders thinking how they can stop crime before it happens.
Think about this you want to up grade your satellite/cable box you phone them up pay them next minute a upgrade signal is beamed out.
Same as the mobile phone system that is around the world
How long do you think after we make a brain reader that somebody would invent a brain writer...
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