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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Under the freedom of information act the police have released emails between themselves and an unnamed party , showing police were actively involved in having a speaking venue cancelled ...

the full release is here ....

They show emails from an unnamed party saying David is a "holocaust denier", but offering no proof ....

Legal action is the only way to deal with this
... it maybe a hassle and a chore , but it's the only course open .

The police's remit is not to judge who or who will not be allowed to speak ... The implication is that at those DI talks they were not able to close, a law is being broken ... if so they should make arrests!
Well David has obviously experienced attempts at financial deprivation enforced by the police. That is an own goal for those who brought this about, insofar as public awareness is concerned.

Well, just who are the holocaust deniers? - Let us see -

Who is running the Holocaust Museum?
Why have certain high definition certified and stamped photographs taken by the Official Liberation Army photographers been locked up in that museum and kept from public viewing, and removed from public domain when they are important for understanding the purpose of the financial deprivation caused during that war, and those who funded it?
Oh Dear! It would seem that would be a massive own goal too if it were exposed - best to keep it locked up behind closed doors.

Let us see now - who was operating shipments of heavy goods from Boston?
Why were U boats always present there?
What was the Boston connection to Hitler's agenda?

Oops -- spilt too many beans there, silly me!
After all, we don't want to go around accusing people of being "holocaust deniers", do we?

Bye the way - the police's remit is to do what the crown tells them to do. (Her Majesty's Constabulary) - as are the Courts

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