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15,000 BC - 10,000 BC: The Magnetic North Pole moved from the Hudson Bay to its current position.

10,965 BC: The earth was hit by a fragmented comet. It initiated the Younger Dryas.

9,600 BC: The Younger Dryas ends, and with it the last Ice Age.

Both the beginning and the end of the Younger Dryas were paired with Cataclysmic Floods that wipe out all the nations and cities on the coast lines of the world! Civilizations like the Osirian Civilization, Dwarka, Rama, Yonaguni and Bimini sink.

There were two main centers of population in Europe. One in a large area around the Pyrenees and one north of the Black Sea. Now that the Ice Age was finally over, Great Brittain and Scandinavia are recolonized. Also people move more north again in Central Asia.

Blavatsky said Atlantis sank in 9564 BC Atlantis and science agrees the Younger Dryas ended in 9,600 BC. Those two dates are awfully close!
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