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Another report in Brazil:

Location: Near Mata do Amem, Paraiba Brazil
Date: 1970
Time: afternoon

Dr. Roberto Marcio was on his way to town one Sunday walking along a path when he was suddenly confronted by two very tall blond men, wearing metallic appearing clothing, that spoke to him in an unknown mesmerizing language. Frightened Marcio ran into the brush and left the area.

HC addition # 3658
Source: Centro Paraibano de Ufologia
Type: E Encounter with isolated entities.
High Strangeness Index: "5"
ROS: "8"
Comments: The date is approximate. These tall blond entities have been reported very often in Brazil, but again all types of entities have been reported there. Mesmerizing language? Is that the singsong like language often reported?
I think its Pleiadains. Possibly from Maia. They have this song-like way of communcation.

Anyway, comments are not mine, but I concur with what the person said.
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