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Originally Posted by dalem View Post
I don't mind anyone who doubts my post or has other concerns about it but, show me a packet of Himilayan Salt that clearly shows the ingredients. !!! It is required by EU law to show the ingredients.

EU laws states that:
It appears that the new regulation will not be applied till at least 2014, may be that's why it isn't quite there yet. Thanks for bring it up as I didn't know about the labelling regulation.

Originally Posted by princessofwands View Post
Well I have an unopened packet of "Himalayan Rose Pink Crystal Salt - Coarse" from Profusion Organic. I don't know whether to use it or not when my current sea salt runs out. I decided not to buy sea salt any more since the Fukushima disaster (which is probably still pouring radioactive particles into the sea).

Sea salt is NO NO for me too since the radiation continues to be damped into the sea in Japan everyday. I also won't buy Celtic & Cornish sea salt because of radioactive stuff from Sellarfield. French is neck and neck too Hawaiian black sea salt is also iffy since radiation plume went over to Hawaii and to the west coast of Canada & USA.

So this leaves me with mined Himalayan sea salt which isn't supposed to be exposed to the environmental pollution providing that you obtain the salt analysis report. Salt is very important to us in the right amount to maintain the electolytes balance.

Originally Posted by gaias child View Post
This is what David Favor says, his step by step guide is really worth a read if serious about health and immune system. I have no idea whether it is true but worth considering

Himalayan Salt is another quiet offender. We source our own Himalayan Salt now because most Himalayan Salt is ground with low grade, soft Nickel grinders. This outcome of this is most Himalayan Salt is full of atomized Nickel dust, which is far more toxic than Mercury
David Favor sells a nickel free sunfire salt which has himalyan salt in it

I use fleur de sel on the recommedation of Dr David Jubb, he had some info on himalayan salt too but his website has been down the last few days.
David Favor may be selling nickel free salt but Hawaiian material and most polluted Chinese sea salt. I wouldn't touch it though it sounds good --> "original Ming Dynasty Saltworks".

Interesting you mention about the Nickel dust from the grinder I've been buying Profusion salt. Recently I've done a heavy metal test on myself and got a nickel poisoning result. OK, I can't say for sure that it is from the salt though. It is worth knowing about the grinder because even though the salt analysis might be ok, what's done afterwards is also important.

I wonder if it's better to buy chunks and crash it myself.

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