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Originally Posted by indigowarrior View Post
OP your original article you posted had a lot of responses; for example;


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? That article is so POORLY referenced as to be considered a FRAUD or even a "hit piece" by the medical establishment, if I didn't know better. I think it's really just plain ignorance, actually.

Where does the article make reference to the different kinds of fluoride? It DOESN'T. So, it's very poorly referenced.

Where does it discriminate between the many fake "Himalayan Salts" from the original HCS which was the only one tested to have over 84 ionic minerals and trace elements versus the one with 25 minerals that is referenced?

That is clearly CRAP SALT they analyzed. It doesn't get clearer than that.

And, it's good to discriminate to make sure one isn't eating crap salt, as the article is correct in observing there are a lot of salts claiming to be Himalayan that are inferior. But, to say that ALL are inferior, is simply incorrect. The one that started it all and that was researched by Peter Ferreira is safe and healthy and has no add *sodium* fluoride, which is harmful. Only naturally occurring *calcium* fluoride which, if you read Wikipedia, is "considered relatively harmless due to its extreme insolubility."

To lump the original Himalayan Crystal Salt (which everyone is trying to claim is "theirs") into the same category as other "Himalayan Salt" (aka CRAP rock salt), is like comparing a Ferrari to a Volkswagen. There's no comparison.

This article is so POORLY referenced, with a lot of inaccurate information. Referring to it as a legitimate piece of research, to me, really draws into question the intelligence of those referring to it as a balanced, accurate and well-reasoned piece of research. It's not. It is ignorant at best, slanderous at worst. This is how legitimately GOOD health products get banned or controlled by the FDA. Unless you like throwing your health choices out the window, I suggest you DISCRIMINATE a little better and stop jumping on bandwagons as they pass you by.

I'm very health-conscious and I don't use fluoride toothpaste, but I will definitely continue to use my *Original* Himalayan Crystal Salt from the one company that started it all and whose product has yet to be matched by anyone, including "Celtic" sea salt:

It would appear that whoever said this, "and I love how the other comments are all from folks worried about their massive profit margins disappearing " would love to think I'm somehow profiting off HCS for posting this information, but I'm just a very satisfied user of their products and I've done my homework. You have not. Learn the difference in the fluorides. Learn the difference between the types of so-called "Himalayan Salt", and discriminate to separate the fact from the fiction, which that article clearly represents.

I can excuse ignorance, but not stupidity, which is what it becomes when one is exposed to the facts, yet then chooses to ignore them. "
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