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Its all about the 'cleansing' and 'detoxification' which is tried in with a lot of supposedly 'natural' cures and products for general wellbeing, like this salt. There are many different natural remedies but most of the time it will claim to do many things which it does not, or at the very least only effects a minority or works because the user only believes it does. (which is a grey area.. geddit!? lol)

A lot of the new age movement uses a lot of energy/spirit/cleansing type stuff and these products IMHO are an extension of it.

Detoxification happens by the body automatically as long as you dont bombard it with crap all the time it will recover and is very resilient.

You don't need anything special to make your body do what it does naturally, its already pretty special as it is. Just take care of it in a normal way and if you happen to like a lot of cake remember that your body will put it somewhere!

As for New Age beliefs (and by extension, mystical curios, elixirs and whatnot) being a scam, well that is up to the individual and everyone is entitled to believe what they wish but they should be wary of people trying to make money from them. Products that make claims such as this should always be scrutinised thoroughly.

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