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Originally Posted by hardtoimagine View Post
Celtic Isis,

thanks for the response, and suggestions for approaching Icke's work. It's certainly thought-provoking stuff... I do find the inclusion of such items as this in the video to be a little disappointing /discouraging, especially when other info he posted on this very topic (the story discussing the very real plans to begin RFID-chipping of police in London, for example) is compelling enough, without the need for spicing it up via factually incorrect material that's so easily double-checked. It certainly makes it more difficult to present his material to other much more critical and/or analytical people I know...

Also....what are the chances??? The first two responses to my first post ever on this forum both contain a NIN connection?!?
hehe that's funny Trent is a wiseman that's why

i totally know what you mean there too, it's sad that people like bush and bliar can lie through their teeth and no prob in the public's eyes, they can do no wrong, and yet icke and others well...cannot slip up, but yeha i must go back and check up on that, i'm gonna watch this talk in hull for the 3rd time as soon as i can

i guess i can be guilty of spicing things up myself at times...but yeah none of these figures such as icke need to. The info put togther speaks for itself, particularly when you've been looking into it for a few years. I had most of what i thought was impossible or going a bit too far confirmed for me over the last almost 3 years.

good luck to you hardtoimagine

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