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The operating the motor vehicle without a license or registration works the same way. The motor vehicle belongs to the natural person or child (ALL CAPITAL NAME). The State of________ which is the plaintiff is the servicer of your estate.

Frankenstein must pay for the use of the motor vehicle in commerce by depositing funds into the child's account.

Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. The temple is considered his body. He told them that in three days the temple will be restored. The Jews said it took 40 years to built this temple. How can it be restored in three days? He was referring to his body.

The motor vehicle is considered the body of the child. There is taxes for the use of the body in commerce.

There were three persons on the cross. The first was the thief. He was the child or natural person that rob man's energy. The second is the corporation which was the zombie called Simon. He was sewed together by corpse so he looked bloody. He look like Jesus of Nazareth that was bloody from the whipping. The Roman Guards mistaken him for Jesus of Nazareth and crucified him. The third was the executor of the estate XXX.

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