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Talking Birth Certificate-A corporation became tenant on your natural person!!

"The word "person" includes corporations, as well as natural persons."- Oklahoma Statutes Title 21 Chapter 2 Section 105

It is plural because Frankenstein is made of sewed corpses which are corporations. The child which is inside the birth certificate trust is in pieces. The pieces are natural persons.

The plaintiff charge the ALL CAPITAL NAME. To charge means to add funds. If you plug in the battery to charge, it means it is gaining electric and not loosing. Discharge is loosing. The plaintiff prepaid the rent by depositing rent into the natural person which is the ALL CAPITAL NAME. Then they go after the corporation for service fees and reimbursement. The plaintiff is the servicer of the estate. There are two persons in a court case; the natural person and the corporation.

What happen is that you supposed to be the beneficiary of the estate. The state supposed to give you and your parents title. Georgia Code reveals the natural person is a citizen or alien. A citizen is part of body politics and it is body politics.

A certificate of live birth was the the form to meet the requirement for birth registration. The birth registration is the enrollment. It was to make a life lease between the Frankenstein monster and the natural person.

It authorized Frankenstein to be the successor representative over the natural person. Frankenstein is the corporation (ex. Joe Hard Job) and the child is the natural person (ex. JOE BLOW JOB).

A life estate is established with the consent of the beneficiary. This estate can maximizes profit for the beneficiary.

As long as Frankenstein is alive, he is allow to use the estates. Congress made Frankenstein co-beneficiary and co-trustee as long as he is alive.

It is a life estate. The servicer which is the STATE OF_____________ collect rent from Frankenstein for the sale or use of the property in commerce.

The Motor Vehicle is registered in the natural person's name (ex. JOE HARD JOB). The State holds title to the motor vehicle. They deliver a certificate of title to Frankenstein. The corporation which is Frankenstein is charged rent for the use of the motor vehicle in commerce.

When the cop catch Frankenstein operating the motor vehicle without paying the taxes, the STATE OF_________ charges (add funds) to the estate's account (ex. JOE HARD JOB). The STATE OF______________ demand Frankenstein to pay the service fees and reimbursement for the rent for the use of the natural person's (body politics) property.

To move the court into probate, a baptism certificate must be filed with a probate petition. A baptism certificate is the proof that Frankenstein died with Christ and is buried with Christ in baptism.

The Upper and Lowercase named person must died to force the probate issue (ex. Joe Hard Job).

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