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Originally Posted by rob menard View Post
Did you try google? I do not consider responding to your accusations to be trolling. You seem frustrated. Why not just open your mind?

Indomitable? Irrepressible? Blessed with courage and conviction? Able to withstand your insinuations and accusations? Water on a happy duck is what they are.

I did not avoid your request, simply did not fulfill it.
Well you have a remarkable ability at avoidance, pathetic one. You see it's not just me who you avoid proferring evidence to, but everyone who asks for it.

As I've said already, I am very happy for you to continue doing it too. Whichever way you slice it, it's a win for me -

You avoid. I win
You avoid and insult. I win
You fail to provide evidence. I win.
You provide evidence. It benefits me. I win.

You're just a loser, Rob, but you are good at it. We all need to be good at something.

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