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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Here, what are the odds..... 
A man born in Liverpool with a scouse accent and a very distinctive voice. He can sing, he can play guitar and piano, he is left handed and looks identical to one of the beatles, similar age, height and weight. He has nobody who could identify him or say who he was. He has had nobody who has noticed the amazing likeness to one of the most famous people on the planet, let alone in Liverpool. Somehow the "death" of this famous person is hushed up......*
There are many uncertainties in the conspiratorial world view. But a few things we know with absolute certainty ...

1 ... The NAZIS escaped Germany and with the help of ETs established an off world empire (now numbering millions) fighting alongside the reptilians in other star systems ...

2. .... Apollo was Faked

3. ... Paul was replaced by Billy Shears in 66

If you are not 100% convinced of these three items you haven't been doing your homework.

Well of course Billy Shears is very close to Paul ... He won a Paul lookalike competition! ...Very easy , the cabal didn't have to go out looking , from all the millions , he came to them ...

But he's not that close ... And we do not have much evidence of Fauls musical abilities since all live performances ended after 66... UNPRECEDENTED that a group at the height of their fame should do this!.... Perhaps it is Faul on post 66 records , but no proof of this.

Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
He is exactly the same down to the proportions of his bones.
Experts if facial recognition science have blown his cover ..

A 2009 Wired Italia magazine article featured an analysis by two forensic research consultants who compared selected photographs of McCartney taken before and after his alleged death by measuring features of the skull.[30][60] According to the scientists' findings, the man shown in the post-November 1966 images was not the same.[30] ...Wikipedia

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