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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
No, it's too much bullshit. I find the utter stupidity of this subject so off the scale it beggars belief that any can entertain it.

I posted some stuff concerning this and I got no takers, I don't anticipate you to respond honestly.....

Why do you keep feeling the need to express the identical stuff you expressed before. You keep reiterating this bollocks and keep ignoring the responses.

1. Here, what are the odds.....

A man born in Liverpool with a scouse accent and a very distinctive voice. He can sing, he can play guitar and piano, he is left handed and looks identical to one of the beatles, similar age, height and weight. He has nobody who could identify him or say who he was. He has had nobody who has noticed the amazing likeness to one of the most famous people on the planet, let alone in Liverpool. Somehow the "death" of this famous person is hushed up, the body disposed of in secret and the perfect plant steps in with nobody noticing.

2. Paul is left handed. That's 10% for starters. He looks identical, is a musician, has an identical accent, has the same gammy eye, has the same song writing talent, plays piano and guitar. His singing voice if anything is even more distinctive than his spoken voice!

NOBODY during this period when The Beatles were unbelievably famous noticed this guy schmalzing about, identical to Paul McCartney and they managed seamlessly to a) cover up his death b) switch over the perfect person c) magically make the perfect person disappear without any of his family noticing or spilling the beans.

3. His ears are identical, his gammy eye is still obvious, he was left handed, he could play piano, bass and guitar, he had a definitive scouse accent. His mannerisms are the same.....but always that voice, it is unique. Then there is the logistics of nobody noticing the bloody lookalike when the beatles where crazy popular, or that any of his family noticed him being replaced. Nobody grouped round the crashed car, none of the emergency services noticed or spoke about it.
Hi. I actually agree with you on all points for me it’s a bit of fun. I don’t agree with you about your moon theories. But I think Faul is Paul. It’s an example of a conspiracy theory. It’s like the flat earth theory. Once you start following these logical dead ends you’re finished.
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