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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Shouldn't there be blood around the very window or on the seat?
The victim is a vice president of a bank y'all.
Could it be that they staged this so that she could be sent off to Mars before ww3?
If she has two toddlers, nobody will question if they disappear with the mother.
els ,,yeh! where's all the blood!

And vice president of a bank too!

Originally Posted by Seeingithowitis View Post
Seems very iffy if you ask me. Why weren't more windows blown out? Also they paint her as saint in the news articles about it saying she was an altruistic banker.

Also it is a nasty plane accident just at the beginning of the holiday season so scaremongering could be a motive for the story if it is made up.
Yeh ,, scare em all to death ,, more fear energy ,,

Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
It doesn't take a minute of armchair expert to figure out this could be 'iffy' since there is no blood in sight despite the witness commented that blood was everywhere.
What blood!

Originally Posted by lancaster View Post

We are supposed to believe this clown took out his credit card, punched in his details on his lap top to buy air time so he could transmit his experience on Facebook!

All this BEFORE he put on his oxygen mask and while a woman was hanging out of the window and the plane was plummeting to earth!

Yeah! Right!
Ha! yeah ,,

Sounds iffy to me!

ze dots' don't connect ,,

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