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"Weed" is a gateway drug. Period. And the idiots over here are going to legalize it for recreational usage... Fucking knobs!! no debate. No referendum, just here ya go, watch yer step and try not to drive into any innocents!!

Yes. I tried certain powders, liquids, naturals and tablets back in the day. Never injected, never been addicted. Never sold, or bought any (yes I robbed a dealer or five in my time, and gave them a good fucking hiding too!!!).

Drug usage = death.

Sorry to hear of your grandson WW, when it's close it's hard. Difficult to be objective. I consider myself to be lucky to have a non-addictive personality / mindset. Hope he pulls through and sees the light. I lost so many friends (and enemies) to this life choice. Don't want to see any others go...
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