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Originally Posted by Woodwose View Post
I've never dabbled with drugs, never felt the need to, neither do I drink alcohol, I never have, and never felt the need to. When it comes to drugs, I'm ignorant about them, but I'd like some advice about the subject if anyone is willing to give it?

My Grandson is 18 years old, he is employed, goes to work every day. When he finishes work, he goes round some "friends" houses and spends the entire evening with them, not returning home to my Daughters house until late 1-2am. The so-called Friends are known drug users, one or two have served prison sentences. My Grandson admits to my Daughter that he smokes weed, but swears he doesn't take any other kind of drug.

My Daughter is a single parent, she has struggled for years trying to bring her three sons up (their Father died young in a traffic accident) and she has done a really good job of it, of course my wife and I have tried to help every step of the way, not only financially, but with guidance too. My daughter telephoned me today and sounded so upset and distraught, she told me "Dad, I just can't handle this anymore, I don't know what more I can do" and she went on to explain that the Grandson involved has been spending his wages like water, he apparently blows £900 (his entire monthly wage) in less than two weeks, and then is on my Daughters back to support him financially for the rest of the month.

She told me that he has stolen money and cigarettes from her, stolen electrical goods and watches from both his Brothers, but denies it all, and when asked what he is blowing his money on, he tells my Daughter it's none of her business, and becomes very abusive to her. She tells me that she has given him money when he's asked for it, but just cannot afford to keep doing it. I must admit that my initial reaction is to go around to my Daughters house, to lay in wait for him, then knock his bloody head in, but I know this won't solve anything, only making things worse.

But what can I do to help my Daughter and hopefully help my Grandson? What are we up against here? Is it feasible that he is blowing £900 on weed alone, or could he be taking other drugs too? Having no knowledge of these things (neither does y Daughter) we just don't know what to do, or how to do it. Any advice would be most welcome, and I thank you in advance.
Weed's not addictive, physically, but the effects can be. Prohibition may cause more problems than just letting him go the course of being young and into drugs. Difficult to say. Is the money aspect more worrying than the drugs? It's economically much better to grow yer own.

You can't say what another person or indeed yourself will do. I know people in their 50's still taking acid. I myself still like weed, but have taken a year or so off. I don't mind either way. I never graduated to anything harder than Cannabis and LSD/Magic Mushrooms, but people I knew took Heroin and Cocaine. I tried Cocaine once but didn't like it, dabbled with Amphetamine but it was only good for partying.

Drugs like cannabis and LSD are not called "mind expanding" for nuthin'. I don't regret my drug use.

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