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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Yes ... we've all been indoctrinated by the illuminati MSM ... we Know heroine and crack are bad .... Right???

I've never taken either , so I keep an open mind ... I tried cocaine once and didn't like it ... E was the most amazing drug I've taken , but it only really worked once , I've taken it about 10 times in my life ... canabis I use daily .. alcohol never ...

So that's (some of ) MY experience and usage pattern..

I did know a heroin user who held down a regular job, looked just like anyone else , said it was easier to give up heroin than tobacco..

Crack does have a bad reputation so I would tread cautiously ...
Dont a lot of drug users claim that such things are easy to give up until they actually try to? I think that the state of junkies in society is warning enough for people not to get involved.
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