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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
The problem is the compulsion to do it again, something spiraltrance is obviously struggling with. I'm sure lots of people do it occasionally and don't get too messed up but why roll the dice? Too many people think they can handle it but they can't. Spiraltrance said they smoked a whole bunch and couldn't stop thinking about doing it again the next day. I would say anyone considering trying smoking crack should study recovering addicts first and think hard about if it is worth potentially becoming addicted. It's such a horrible fate I can't imagine taking that chance and messing with it. It's like "Honey, let's smoke some crack together. I heard it is amazing..." No, that's alright.
well I get you, but I've smoked quite a lot, many years ago now, I never wanted to try it since then.. addiction is about personality, it becomes dangerous when somebody becomes obssesed with crack, but you cant put your life on hold to feel that high, I dont see the point..

I agree that too much can be bad for you, but so are cream cakes.
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