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I watch a video by a spanish doctor the other day and he was also talking about alkaline vs acitic body. And he mentions docyor young. ( Btw tealady is young the one who wrote the ph miracle?)
So the doctor in the video was talking about a way to make your body more alkaline by taking salt baths with 20 gram salt pr liter water. My spanish is not perfect so i am not sure if it draw out acid from the body by making some sort of osmosise reaction or what.

I have tried it a couple of times now and if nothing else its very relaxing and warming haha.

The first time i read the book ph miracle and figured out what caused the allergy and fatique i had all i did was cut out all sugar as in juice and fruit aswell and I started eating more green veggies snd salat and within a month or so I was waybetter than I had been for years. So I am a big believer in being alkaline. It might just be the healthier diet and not about ph I am not sure but I know it worked for me.

My plan is to do the salt bath every day for a month if I can and then see what effect if any it will have
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