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Kill the Irishman..Directed by Hensleigh...
The powerful story of those killed and then secretly buried by the IRA during the conflict in Northern Ireland.. What do you do when your mother suddenly disappears and never comes back?. Uncovering new hard evidence that Gerry Adams, currently head of the IRA, was deeply involved in one of the killings, this is a landmark documentary on the Irish 'Troubles', the hard men who drove it and issues of accountability when peace finally comes..The Disappeared is a term which refers to people believed to have been abducted, murdered and secretly buried during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.. The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains is in charge of locating the remaining bodies, and was led by forensic archaeologist John McIlwaine..

The Disappeared..Starling Productions...

16 people are believed to have been taken by republicans during the Troubles..The Provisional IRA admitted to being involved in the forced disappearance of nine of the sixteen – Eamon Molloy, Seamus Wright, Kevin McKee, Jean McConville, Columba McVeigh, Brendan McGraw, John McClory, Brian McKinney, and Danny McIlhone..The organisation said they could only accurately locate the body of one of their victims, but gave rough ideas for the remaining 8..As of November 2013 only se7en bodies have been found.. A further victim, Gareth O'Connor, is believed to have been killed by the IRA after the Good Friday Agreement..One additional victim, Lisa Dorrian, is believed to have been killed by Loyalists, taking the total number of 'Disappeared' up to 18...

1970s-Jean McConville disappeared in December 1972.. In October 2014 a man was arrested in connection with her murder, and two further men were arrested in December 2014-Brendan Megraw disappeared in 1978..In August 2014 a bog in County Meath was searched for his body, with human remains discovered in September-Gerard Evans, 24, disappeared while hitchhiking in County Monaghan, Ireland in March 1979..In March 2008 a map was given to Gerard Evans's aunt, and in October of that year the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains appealed for more information regarding his disappearance..Remains were found in County Louth in October 2010, which were later confirmed as being Evans' in November 2010..

1980s -Charles Armstrong was a 57-year-old father-of-5 who went missing in Crossmaglen while walking to mass in 1981; his car was later found in Dundalk..Armstrong's family began a fresh, private search for his remains in October 2003.. They were located in County Monaghan, Ireland in July 2010.

Seamus Ruddy -Location Paris, France - Age 32 Went Missing -1985-Suspects Republicans...

2000s-In March 2005 Lisa Dorrian, a 25-year-old Catholic, disappeared after attending a party at a caravan park in Ballyhalbert. She is believed to have been taken by Loyalists..

In the aftermath of Danny Greene's murder, his hitman Ray Ferritto was arrested by Cleveland police, and subsequently was targeted by Licavoli.. Ferritto surrendered himself to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and struck a deal in order to gain protection... can a marked man put a big flag in front of his house?. He had a big Irish flag out by the side; anybody could see it.. He put it there on purpose.. He'd be sitting out there under the sun.."He has some pretty good connections, though"..He had some connections all right..Oh, fook yes.. But he didn't work with the FBI, he told them what to do!..

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