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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
That's all very well, but unless you have a basic working knowledge of the underlying science, how do you know.....
That's a very amusing comment .... you should know from my posts by now that I have a 'basic working knowledge' of everything and in all areas of science it goes far beyond that ... I am an active member of no less than 6 science forums ... ... you can find me there under the same username I have here . Why don't you join one and you can show us what you got .... because despite what is implied by your avatar I haven't seen much evidence of scientific understanding ....

Now to the three points you raised ....

Aviation flue is frequently tested to meet tight parameters Do I really have to address that???? There is a conspiracy so the illuminati will have their people doing the testing !!!....

Jet engines are designed to operate with this fuel. Any additives would affect performance we are probably talking additive levels much less than 1% ... just a very minimal reduction in miles per gallon .

Any additives would leave traces/damage in the engines and maintenance engineers would soon pick this up How can you say that without knowing the additive .... very high temperatures in jet engines , all traces would be blown away ...titanium compressor blades are extremely resistant to attack and damage.

The last line in your post refers to " those who believe in chemtrails ", you seem to be in denial that chemtrailing is even happening !!! despite the overwhelming evidence ... And the link I gave in my first post showing the US government are teaching school children that they are doing this ...

Quote from US school book ..."It's like sunscreen for the earth"

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