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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Language problem.
Indeed. It's not clear the pilot understood the motive behind the question. Looked to me more like he interpreted it as contrail pollution and its effects.

Anyway, does anyone really think commercial airlines would carry the extra weight? And a question I always ask; does anyone know anyone who is involved with the development, testing, manufacture, transportation or delivery of these substances? Think logically. If it's real there must be millions of gallons made in factories somewhere. Thousands of people employed in the endeavours I described. People would be scraping it off their cars some days if you believe the 'heavy spraying' reports.

It doesn't add up if you examine the concept.

I think people are conflating genuine rain-making experiments (on a fairly small scale) with a lack of understanding of meteorology/atmospheric physics, increased numbers of aircraft and jet engine design mixed with a general predisposition to conspiracy belief.

Oh yes, then there's the inconvenient matter of getting any real evidence rather than anecdotal reports.

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