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I think this stuff perhaps deserves its own thread. I have been keeping an eye but have not been totally convinced by any of it. However bringing Epstien and Chandler back into view has got me intrigued. Especially Chandlers social media and the links to some creepy stuff that was posted and various figures she's associated with...

Originally Posted by lopus View Post
Not sure, what to think of Trump.
But I am following now Pizzagate and Q / QAnon for a while, and think it's highly interesting, what's happening at the moment.

First I did not know what to make out of Q at all, but now I think it's proven, that Q is in connection with the Trump-administration - and also Edward Snowden, who, as Q said, always was working FOR the CIA - but now seems to have made a deal with the new administration.
And it's also obviuos, that Julian Assange is on Q's and Trump's side.

Yes, there IS something happening. Just yesterday they closed a website ( because of pedophilia.
And there are these I think now about 20.000 sealed indictments. We wil see, who has to go.

Of course I also doubt that they are seriously cleaning up ALL the mess, but if they start in one corner it's at least a beginning - and helps to wake up the sheeple.

Maybe the very high level-"Illuminati" themselves (the ones who are to powerful that they do not need to be pedophiles, because no one is blackmailing them) are thinking that their "middle management" (=politicians, "elites") got too "bold" and rotten over the years? And that child trafficking and satanism are disgusting? Or, at least, they are afraid, that will be revealed one day and then ruin the whole game?
So that they decided themselves to clean up a little bit?

Last night Q was posting a lot about Jeffrey Epstein's Pedo-Island and a woman called "Rachel Chandler", who obviously seems to be involved in trafficking.
They also posted pictures of a surveillance camera claiming it was from pedo-island - but there is not yet proof, where it's from. We are waiting for more information.

For anyone interested, follow "".
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