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I think so many are bailing from their positions because it's all crumbling. People are waking up and in turn the government are soiling themselves so they are in over drive with agenda 21 like with the CA "wild" fires, which in turn wakes up more people and so politicians are like alright it's time to leave.

Even if some police departments did arrest some chesters they are simply small time pedos who are basically being used, put in the spotlight to take the attention off of clintons and podestas, and UK parliament, and the connection to the pedos in netherlands (zandvoort file of shame) and others in government all over the planet.

The top criminals never get busted in this dimension/plane. The same demons/vampires/reptiles have been in control of this dimension for thousands of years, do we really believe that this doofas trump character is going to be the savior of humanity? Please. He went to a Jesuit school (Fordham) and has been in the club his entire life.

This dimension is ridiculous, it's one big fraud.

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