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Originally Posted by metak88 View Post
But how do they operate? I mean wouldn't they stand out among the regular humans? Especially if there are more of them in one place?
How do they manipulate European populations? Example or two would be nice.

Manipulate dreams by will? At what distance? Manipulate as in insert/suggest/etc. images/ideas or something more? How do they track/locate the person they want to manipulate? My dreams are already weird and I don't need albino freaks in them! ;-)

So, no sense of humor whatsoever? Well at least they can fuck with each other underground... literally.

(pass them this message from me if you can)
All that IQ, advanced technology and abilities and for what???? You could be making ridiculous virtual-reality porn realistic androids and what not... and share it with us fuckers on the surface! But nooooooo, you just have to be assholes...
Answer one: "Freak."

To elaborate: They would/do stand out amongst normal people, light hair, big heads, red eyes, all white clothing. From what I've read they operate using covert "cover of night" operations where they abduct people from isolated areas for their programs.

Ways they might manipulate European populations:
1: Direct psychic manipulation, indirect technological mind control.
2: Outright intimidation/ threatening behavior.

At what distance? Anywhere within or around the Earth. In what manner: directly supplanting dream-scape visions into your mind while you're asleep, indirectly supplanting phrases or words, indirectly influencing your body to make you feel a certain way, changing someones internal dialogue.

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) this links directly with the use of technological MK to do the same things, as a result of USA Military and C.I.A. projects like MK ULTRA.

Tracking someone could be as easy as placing tracking transponder nano-tech into routinely used equipment like vaccination needles. Thus you're bugged and relaying to the transmission infrastructure that covers the globe.

Advanced capabilities unto furthering their goals of global domination and depopulation via USA Military and United Nations accords. Like we see normally going down all over.

I believe they called you a freak because you want sex robots, when the reality is more like a superhuman Super-soldier who will destroy you and your species in time if you let them go about doing what they supposedly (from reports) do.

Yes, they can be arseholes. They can be quite sweet also, and from what I've observed they are quite skilled in communicating deeply profound comments due to their high intelligence and sensory aptitude.
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