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Originally Posted by j35p3r4d0 View Post
Yeah I know right; they kill/ experiment on people as though we were animals by comparison.

Beyond us like smarter, faster, stronger, living longer. They're worse than white supremacists, white supremacist underground Nazi C.I.A. USA military industrial complex created them with the Orion Grey species.

They can manipulate your dreams by will alone, control your mind from a distance, they're very military.

They appear to serve USA military secondarily to the Orion Grey and the reptillian aliens. I would like to assert that "Reptillian" only really means "similar to reptiles" as those species are from foreign alien bio-system. Even though I've read stories where they claim they are from Earth originally and 'own' the earth and 'own' people, which is what I believe they tell people to have them comply.

Reports in the literature are groups of Nordic Super-soldiers working with reptillian hybrid people and smaller Grey variant species personnel, they tell people all sorts of weird shit to have them comply.

So to run over it again: Intelligence quotient 200+ Larger Heads, taller than average human, More athletic build, They may be able to see more visual spectrum than we are, and from what I know they carry Saurian-Reptiloid mind control implants which they use like cell phones or radios to augment further their 'more active than our' psychic abilities.

From what I believe; they're created by those reptillian and Grey aliens to manipulate European populations in order to manipulate the whole world.

Like that stuff in the Christian bible, where they take from our species to make a new species that is superior to us, in order to serve the Orion Grey.
But how do they operate? I mean wouldn't they stand out among the regular humans? Especially if there are more of them in one place?
How do they manipulate European populations? Example or two would be nice.

Manipulate dreams by will? At what distance? Manipulate as in insert/suggest/etc. images/ideas or something more? How do they track/locate the person they want to manipulate? My dreams are already weird and I don't need albino freaks in them! ;-)

So, no sense of humor whatsoever? Well at least they can fuck with each other underground... literally.

(pass them this message from me if you can)
All that IQ, advanced technology and abilities and for what???? You could be making ridiculous virtual-reality porn realistic androids and what not... and share it with us fuckers on the surface! But nooooooo, you just have to be assholes...
In rehab...

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