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Just a reminder I am not making stuff up, I see them looking at me and communicating, I see them thinking then I type down what they respond with, so don't think I am just having an argument or responding to agitate you. I'm trying to elaborate appropriately based on what I've experienced, I mean they show up and tell people not to talk about being abducted like the MIB clone soldiers.


Edit: I believe they target Scandinavian individuals for testing. I myself hail from Göteborg. I personally don't believe Germanic to be Norse, Because in the English language we make a distinction. I see you think you are like beyond these super-soldiers, and I say to you: get real stop having an ego trip. Don't give me brainwashed race theory about who you are because it's clearly warped your vision about yourself, as race theory can do when applied to who is better or worse. Have a nice day!

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