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Originally Posted by sylias View Post
No you are not. You wouldn't last 5 seconds in a fight vs. me. You are still pawns in a game you do not understand. Keep evolving and you may meet someone close to my abilities someday. Thanks for the conversation and be careful who you side with.

Love Sylias
Answer one: "Are you sure you're even humanity compared to how we see that? Let alone nordic. We are nordic, you're 'germs' "

To elaborate; They are higher capacity than humans. They're super-soldiers. Soldiers. Smarter, faster, stronger.

I asked them for you what their rough IQ is, they said 200+. From what I've said to them before when they were being dicks is that they seem adjunct compared to humans, Inhuman, in that they have not evolved, they don't seem to respect the human species. They're trans-humans, they don't like getting guff or lip from us, if you follow. They routinely abduct people for testing, interfere with peoples children, we're talking people locked in cages underground being used for experiments.

Answer two: "You do not understand, we side with US Military"

To elaborate: They live in US Military industrial complex underground cities, who's programs they contribute to. To get to them to destroy them, you would need to take on the whole of USA, at least their military, so the posturing your doing is very primate, to be aggressive and assert yourself and your abilities, however as I said you will come up short.

I'll use the "Bladerunner" reference, a normal human detective with a gun is barely able to land shots on them to kill them, and he gets beat up as hell trying. You could kill one with the right weaponry, firearms, but you would be real lucky not to die, to be realistic.
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