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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
Do they believe in free will?

Why do they feel one species has the ability or power to rule over another?

Do they consider that to abuse another is offensive to the other, and how do they define abuse?
Answer one: "We choose not the answer that. Over to you. Forum Advisor"

I'll go into this myself; Several times they've given me intel on things that have occurred later on, I believe them in their mental heights to be aware of future possibilities. Depending on how far you go into free will, and how aware you are of events and the world around you; If you don't know much you may be subject to events, however if you are aware of events and the time-line you have more choice, and they run military level programs of research and testing where they stick to schedules. I've been observing them for years, and they've been observing me.

Answer two: "Fuck, obliterate your species is what we do. Like that guy who thinks he win fights too, who is us, yet is not"

To elaborate; they seem to be running covert abduction programs, sick genetic hybridization programs, and working toward eventual global depopulation with the USA Military.

Answer three: "Yes. To Abuse, to harm."

To elaborate: They're much smarter than we are, they've manipulated me, harmed my ability to think, etc. They can be quite shallow, or seemingly to lesser intelligence. My IQ is 128, that's top five percent of Europeans, yet they're Much smarter than me and they appear to become bored with it. As I said they run high level military experimentation and development programs. Their activity is described in the Charles Hall material to be "Inhuman".
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