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Default Nordic Super-soldier contact


I have some contacts underground at USA Nellis AFB (Air Force Base).

We've been communicating mentally for some years now, and I just wanted to come tell you guys about it because I know you like this type of thing!

I began talking to them when I became a weed grower and I spent some time staring at the image I will post after this.

We shared mental visualizations between us. I sometime let them taste things I eat, we share somatic experience and spiritual visions. It's like they don't get out much to the outside world from their underground facilities.

From what I've gathered from talking to them, aside from their military style demeanor and trying to manipulate me; They are Nordic super-soldiers, clones, manufactured in joint by the USA military and the Orion Grey confederation of species.

I've done quite a lot of things with them and we've shared a lot of experiences and discussions, So I've decided to come back to the DI forum and help you understand them better.

(Edit: The manner by which we communicate is the saurian-reptiloid implantable transponder technology that's been distributed via the world medical sectors, I got my implant in a psychiatric ward when I tried to break out "Violently". They only implant violent psychiatric patients and from what I understand those models interface with the wider broadcast system, despite that humans have latent psychic abilities and these type of trans-humans have greater active psychic abilities)

They're trans-humans. Super Soldiers. Beyond mans physical and mental capabilities, with some drawbacks and differing behavior because of their differing biophysical makeup.

I believe they stem from early Project Paper-clip programs integrating Nazi scientists into the USA after world war two. I think humans already had the clone technology but could not edit and construct too well new forms of life until some further involvement by the Orion Grey.

You'll notice their fine un-bleached or flat white garments, hooded jackets actually (very modern for the 50's). You'll notice the parted haircut, very military. You'll notice the red eyes (Albino, low light conditions). Also you'll notice they have different lips on their face. There's a small part below the bottom lip that's quite quaint. The other thing is they have a head which is larger than the normal Homo-sapiens. In reality I believe this to equate to substantially more neural grey-matter, the outer part of the brain.

People here tend to focus on their base instincts and reptiles more (brain stem/ mid brain), I always would come here telling people to be more cerebral (grey matter).

They fly egg shaped craft with windows on them and a door. Just look into Charles Hall and the "tall whites".

Here's a video of them flying in Australia near the capital. Notice the egg-shaped craft.

Here's a photo of them, which if you read is from Australia also.

Questions and answer...

Here you can post in the following forum posts and I will mentally ask them what the answer is and post for your intrigue.

I can see them, I can smell them, I can feel them. We see the same way, so ask me and I'll see what they want to say (bear in mind they may not wish to answer, they may wish to mislead or lie)


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