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Lightbulb Chef of the Century

See you Tuesday..
Grande Loge Nationale Francaise..

12 rue Christine de Pisan, Paris..

That's Life (1970s) Talking Dog SAUSAGES!!..

Violier, who was born in the western French city of Saintes, near Cognac, was only 20 when he started to train in the finest cuisine with world-famous chefs such as Joel Robuchon, the Lenotre and Fauchon luxury catering houses, with the famous Hotel Ritz and restaurant La Tour d'Argent in Paris 1991 to study with Joel Robuchon, Benoit Guichard and others..Violier moved to Switzerland in 1996 to work with Philippe Rochat..Upon Rochat's retirement in 2012, Violier began running the restaurant..Violier took over the establishment with his wife Brigitte and managed to keep the top position in the famous Red guide..He won world appreciation for finely and deliciously conveying his passion for hunting into the art of cooking game..He applied for Swiss citizenship in 2014..The Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville, one of the three 3-star establishments in Switzerland, serves dishes such as saddle of Pyrenean young lamb, crispy Landes duck foie gras and a so-called "back from winter Hunting" Dish depending on daily deliveries..He specialised in Cooking Game..

Benoit Violier poses with the certificate..

Chef of the year in his kitchen in the Hotel de Ville in Crissier, Switzerland..

Violier died at home in Crissier, Switzerland, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on 31 January 2016, aged 44, his wife Brigitte, who found her husband's body at their home following a call from a concerned friend..Violier's suicide prompted shock and confusion, as Violier's restaurant Le Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville had been crowned by the French government as the best restauRant in the world only a month before, leading the media to hail Violier as "the world's best chef."..It also drew attention to the high-pressure world of haute cuisine..Violier died a few hours before the much-feared Michelin Guide released its 2016 edition for France..His brutal death at the height of his fame recalls that celebrated French 3-star chef Bernard Loiseau, owner of the restaurant La Côte d'Or in the Burgundy region, who was found dead 24 February 2003, beside a hunting rifle..Loiseau's death followed the downgrading of his establishment by the Gault-Millau guide and rumors he could also lose one of his 3 stars in the Michelin guide..Poularde Alexandre Dunblane, a $267 chicken offered at La Côte d’Or, Bernard Loiseau’s Gastronomic temple in Burgundy, is filled with julienned leeks and carrots, lightly basted and seasoned with salt n pepa, and baked in an earthenware pot..The Widow of celebrated Swiss-French chef Benoit says in a published interview that she has no explanation for his apparent suicide..She called "100 % False" a report by magazine Bilan that the chef had become ensnared in a financial swindle involving rare Wines..Everything all right, sir?.You sounded Strange..

Tributes and floral Wreaths filled the cathedral..

Some chefs have complained of living under the pressure and judgment of these guides that call the shots in the closed circle of the world's best tables..Swiss media subsequently reported that Violier may have been a Victim of a fraud in which individual bottles of Wine were sold several times; however, the management of his restaurant denied that Violier had any connection with the fraud..It is claimed his restaurant suffered losses up to £1.37m due to the scam..In 2015, the company trading in rare wines sold expensive bottles that fetched thousands of pounds to a number of restaurants, including Violier's, but allegedly failed to deliVer them..The same bottles, priced between £14,000 and £27,500, were allegedly sold 3 or four times to various unsuspecting buyers..The awards ceremony on Paris' chic Place Vendome began with a minute of silence for him.. Violier was laid to rest on Saturday in France..A service was also held on Friday in Lasagne, Switzerland, where 1500 people attended..He was buried in Montils, a town in the region of Charente-Maritime in France, where he was born and where his Mother and one of his 6 siblings still live..The economy of Charente-Maritime is based on 3 major sectors: tourism, maritime industry, and manufacturing..Cognac and pineau are 2 of the major agricultural products with maize, corn and sunFlowers being the others - Saintes is in the catchment of and under the auspices of the académie de Poitiers..The Arch of Germanicus, a triumphal arch, was built at the entrance to a bridge, where the main Roman road crossed the Charente River..Joel Robuchon was born in Poitiers..Seeing many of his peers die of stress and attacks, Robuchon retired at the age of 50..Like many Famous chefs in France, he is an avowed Freemason, namely the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise... many ways, the work of a critic is easy..We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment..We thrive on negative criticism..The world is often unkind to new creations..Last night, I experienced something new: an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source...

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