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Just keep away from Doctors and their drugs and false diagnoses. People on island of Ikaria and other Mountain people live into their hundreds, it's called The Island where People forget to Die. There was a website for that. They have their own wild natural herbals growing and use that as their medicines. Oh and negative stress from other peoples and western lifestyle. And keep off wheat which is hybrid along with breads of course and full off additives, and dairy that is not free ranging organic, keep off refined sugars, and keep off coffee it's a killer,these are all acidic and pro inflammatory. See Dr Keith Scott-Mumby and his book Fire in the Belly, and the site Only drug free, free ranging organic meats really and wild caught fish and pheasants/partridge,otherwise farmed is also highly acidic. Organic Spelt flour is the ancient original wheat and doesn't contain the gliadin component so more digestible.
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