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Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
No. That's what you want it to be doing to demonize. It makes better men, how they better themselves is up to them. Again, people would take you more serious if you could back up anything you've said with credible and accurate sources.

Again, you're putting words in our mouths. We don't say that we're better than non-Masons. Betterment doesn't necessarily make one immediately superior to everyone else.

Again, you're jumping to conclusions in a very illogical manner.

Nowhere have we ever said this. You're lying and you know it. Shame on you.
He is a fool. Unworthy of the Mysteries. He hasn't the wisdom to even judge one of the successor organizations of the Mysteries. He is too...obstinate in his views. I thought Freemasonry was bad too...once. I freely admit this. Now, I start to see the wisdom that the Mystery Schools can provide, Freemasonry being one of the modern Mystery Schools.
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