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Originally Posted by techman View Post
I'm not all that interested or informed on all this Jewish stuff (tbh I don't see how Jewish influence in a film means evil), but the Nazi connection and influence in the Star Wars films, most particularly the 3 originals, is quite prominent and obvious. Is it me or does the Indiana Jones films share an uncannily similarity with the bad guys all being Nazi's too. Just a co-incidence that in Empire Strikes Back we have one of the admirals, played by Julian Glover, also play an almost carbon copy character (minus the different name and coloured uniform) who later reveals himself to be a Nazi in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
The Empire is meant to be a combination of the Nazis and the British Empire, I think, since almost all of the Imperial Officers have British accents.

Not sure there's too much to read into that in a subliminal sense, since it's quite obvious and open, and is just meant to represent 'bad guys' to an American audience. And I think the British element to that is mostly due to the fact that they were filming in England, and used a lot of British stage actors for the smaller roles.

I never realized Donovan from Last Crusade was in Empire Strikes Back until you just mentioned it (he was one of the AT-AT commanders, right?)

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