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Hande: ''My mistake this is a strictly bash the police thread - Have we blamed Thatcher yet I'm sure she was throwing stolen milk into the crowd.''

I think its a mistake to bash all police...many are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances. The issue here is whether there is a firm within a firm who work to pervert the course of justice. Those few organised people who work through their lodge connections then cast a dark shadow over all the police by making them all look bad and often ruin lives in the process

I put it to you that psychopaths who do seek to gain influence within organisations like the police will always view things like freemasonry as a great way to get a leg up and will use that and any other means they can to carry out their corrupt practices. They are networked and organised. They get their guys into key positions of influence which they call 'gatekeepers'

Imagine a circuit board with electricity running through various gates. If you control the gates you can control the flow of electricity and so it is with organisations and the flow of information. So if you control key positions then you can control the input and output of information

Allegations have emerged of a black ops section of masons embedded within the police who are perverting the course of justice and who blacken the name of the police in the process as well as blocking the honest work of the good cops
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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