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short on link below to read the full article

"Working-class hero" Tommy Robinson serving Israel's Yinon Plan for Europe
Navid Nasr
Fort Russ News
Fri, 01 Jun 2018 00:01 UTC

Conflating the crimes of the British Empire (or its more recent role in the creation of instability and poverty in the MENA region), with the English people, is a serious mistake. "Core/periphery" or "Three Worlds" theory and discourse only goes so far, and can fail to understand the internal class dynamics of a given society. Western capitalism has flourished at the expense of the global east and global south, but any quick and simple audit of wealth disparity and living conditions in England, paints a pretty harrowing, Dickensian, picture. If your eyes work, you'll see that England's big cover-up, its big embarrassment is that in terms of actual quality of life, England is for its majority, something bordering a banana republic. Thatcherism never went away. Wealth distribution problems in England predate Thatcher. Poverty in England has been so rampant for centuries that the English historically have fled to the continents of Australia and North America to escape it. European governments aren't simply being 'pushed' by left-wing activists to adopt open border policies. What's on top of this is that the backers of both are using the latter to astro-turf a corporate agenda of the former.

Navid Nasr is an Iranian-American geopolitical analyst, based out of Belgrade, Serbia who writes for Fort Russ News. He presently serves as a research fellow for Center for Syncretic Studies think-tank. In a former life he worked for various mainstream media outlets in the Washington D.C. area. You'll want to contribute to his Patreon here -

read full article here:
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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