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The only one from that list I would recommend (only because he's the only researcher out of the list that I've listened to and watched) is Graham Hancock. Haven't looked at his work or videos for ages, but I was immediately fascinated and hooked on his researched into Atlantis, The Ark of the Covenant, the pyramids, Mars and his research into altered states and hyahuasca. Whether he's right on most of his theories I just havent the foggiest; some work I'm kind've on the fence particularly when his discoveries and conclusions come in conflict with other researchers. But there's no doubt Graham is a very concerned and passionate researcher. I've listened to him on various talk shows regarding various issues, for instance when he talked about being at the airport and having to undergo what he describes as a humiliating experience with airport security pat down because he decided to opt out of the TSA scanners. You could sense he his very concerned about the way society is going with more extreme measures of authority and that people are all too complicitin being treated in such ways.

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