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Originally Posted by Ratiocinator View Post
Oh really! Would anyone care to explain this? Why would the Q&A be censored? This was the part I most wanted to see.

This is very suspicious, I think. What is the fear that would lead to such a decision being made, that of denying us the opportunity to watch the Q&A?
I think it was a decision made to balance video quality against the 3 hour length of the video. Nothing suspicious - there are comments to be made about one or two of the questions, but the main body of the talk made the impact.
David was in truly top form

It's difficult to assess how many of the 400 or so among the audience were local, but a number certainly were. I found a few myself.

In the previous day's canvassing a perhaps surprising number of the area's rather staid-seeming inhabitants were certainly not hostile, and many were willing to engage or at least feign interest

On an energetic level at least I'm pretty sure that this meeting knocked a big hole, or maybe rather a something, into David Davis's vacuous,"control the opposition" stance, which is what it is, viz. the PNAC connection
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