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Originally Posted by multiversal View Post
Anyone know how many people who attended the talk were people already familiar with David's work and how many people were new comers and local people?
IMO, If I was to have a guess, I would say about 80% knew of David's work, but about a dozen or so of them did not agreed with it until the day as they had probably never actually seen him or read a book, just familiar through hearsay and reputation... I would add this seemed to change from not so sure to positive thought in David's cause. 10% I would say were either staff, reporters & just the few idiots who seem to expecting a few more mates to turn up for something extra.. the constant phone checks makes me think this... As for the remainder, I would say they had their own agenda and had no real interest in listening but some got drawn into it but didn't really know his work... you couldn't help not do.
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