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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
that all makes sense

ISIS is giving islam a bad name and i submit that it is because it is not really being controlled by islam; at the top it is being controlled by zionism
As Islam has no Hierarchy of Clergy,(we have no ordained clergy) and we are not organized as "Religions" are. It is quite easy for any radical organization to present themselves as being the "Religion of Islam" ISIS is taking full advantage of the fact Muslims are not to follow any "Religious" Leader. By having a central leadership, they have pretty much eliminated the possibility of Muslims joining ISIS. But have made ISIS attractive for all potential terrorists that believe the publicized stereotypical view of Muslims is what Islam is about.

ISIS has killed and terrorized more Muslims than any other group. They are an enemy of all Muslims world wide. As a Muslim I have more reason to fear ISIS than non-Muslims have, and non-Muslims do have plenty to fear from them. ISIS is our mutual enemy.
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