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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
A number of points here...

First of all there are powerful central banking forces who want to discredit bill still because they are terrified that people will start arguing for what bill wants which is for the power to create money to be taken out of the hands of private banks and put back into the hands of the government treasury department
You are starting to sound way to paranoid iamawaveofthesea to continue any meaningful discussion with. You have also failed to justify the actions by Bill Still in his presentations of myths and misrepresentations in either of his "documentaries."

So to merely highlight errors, fiction and misrepresentations made by Bill Still in his career of regurgitating other people's works this is now considered by you at least, proof that there is now a conspiracy by "there are powerful central banking forces" which wants to discredit him? These are his own wrong doings. It sounds like you hold him up too highly and are offended by even noting these small examples of many which could be raised. For the reader of this newly created thread.

The Enduring Rothschild Myth:

Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
Concerning Baum i personally couldn't give a damn about his views on things as he was a childrens story writer....he is simply used by still as a backdrop to a certain period of history that Still wants to speak about. That is Bills interpretation of the work of literature known as 'the wizard of Oz'

If people wanted to understand Baums work on a deeper level i would personally point them towards theosophy not economics
Again, you sound pretty defensive by dismissing these proven cases by stating, "i personally couldn't give a damn."

This alleged parables in relation to L. Frank Baum have always been dismissed by his scholars, (hardly a conspiracy to discredit Bill Still when such was already invalidated decades before he resurrected such "work" again to continue pushing his worldview upon his gullible audiences).

No, Baum is not simply used by Bill Still merely "as a backdrop," not when his works and personal opinions have been intentionally twisted in the opposite direction to push a false narrative. Baum was never a populist as claimed, and he had supported the "Gold Standard" not alleged, "Debt Free" money; such instances contradicts the whole purpose of "The Secret Of Oz" has with those previous examples. Baum wrote "The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz" in 1900, as stated by leading Baum scholar, Michael Patrick Hearn "[L. Frank Baum] wrote "The Wizard of Oz" to entertain children, not to lecture them about politics."

'Oz' Author Never Championed Populism:

"The Fable of the Allegory; The Wizard of Oz in Economics" by Professor Bradley A. Hansen (2002)

Bill Still did the exact same method with "The Money Masters" a piece of fiction, presented as "history." For the readers, (as iamawaveofthesea is shown to be lacking the capacity to review such information) see these related essays written also by historian Gerry Rough in the late 1990s; they expose an extensive amount of myths and fabrications has presented by both Bill Still and G. Edward Griffin.

The First Bank of the United States:*/http:/ (old website-essays)

I see that the user "roastpotatoes" agrees with such assertions, alleging a conspiracy exists to discredit Bill Still which his own "works" have already shown to have been done by himself. I welcome him to reply in defense of such unjustifiable actions.

"I'm not an economist, I just pretend to be one on TV." - Bill Still
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