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I think there are people who question the immense power of the Rothschild dynasty over most parts of the world. I don't.

Numerous authors and documents from over a hundred years ago record the power of this family.

"The annual encyclopedia of 1868 records that Jacob (Baron James de Rothschild) had been established in Paris in 1812 with a capital of $200,000 by Maier Amschel, and that at the time of his death in 1868, 56 years later, his fortune was estimated at over $300,000,000 and his yearly income at about $40,000,000.

In comparison it may be significant to note that there was at his time no fortune in all America that equalled only one's year income of Baron James de Rothschild. The fortune of the Rothschild family in 1913 was estimated at over two billion dollars".

Just try to imagine what that amount is worth in today's money.

From "The Romance of the Rothschild" Ignatius Balla 1913

E. Knuth author of "Empire of the City" published in 1946 wrote:

"The biographers of the House of Rothschild record that men of influence and statesmen is almost every country of the world were in their pay.

Disraeli was a very close friend of Lord Rothschild and the extravagant Edward VII, acting King of England before his mother died, was deep in their confidence. A large part of profligate nobility of all Europe was deeply indebted to them"

And so it continues today.

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